Steve McDonaldĀ visits more than 200 golf courses, annually, as an agronomic consultant.

During the growing season (March thru October), we curate Steve's observations into weeklyĀ video updates covering turf and weather conditions around the mid-Atlantic and northeast regions to help you plan for the week ahead.

SpecialĀ videos and content are provided in the off-season to help members through the winter months and prepare for the upcoming season.

MembershipĀ includes access to all previous video content.

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Video Updates Include:

  • Impact of the weather on golf course care.

  • What golfers and superintendents can expect to see during their time on the golf course. 

  • Insect, weed, and disease observations and control tactics.

  • Innovative ideas from Steve's travels to 10-15 different courses per week.


Sample Episode