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We offer experience and knowledge, informed by independent research, to make unbiased recommendations based on real-world data from the field.

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Turfgrass Disease Solutions uses our extensive and continually growing studies to meet your information needs in a personalized way.

Agronomic Analysis & Planning

We tailor agronomic plans that meet your goals.  Pest control including weed and disease control, water and soil testing, as well as turf management best practices.

Independent Field Research

Trials are conducted on our private facility or golf courses and are used extensively to inform recommendations and advisory plans based on real-world results.

Tournament Preparation

Hosting a successful tournament means your course peaking on the exact week that you need it to. We develop custom plans that help you do that.

Environmental Testing

Extensive testing determines the soil and water nutrient levels and any problems. We work with you to develop any necessary amendment plans and fertilizer applications.

Conditioning & Playability

Consulting services can be tailored to help golf courses communicate environmental concerns and how they impact playability or other issues to golfers and members.


Steve has consulted hundreds of golf course projects. From new construction as well as renovation of old golf courses, we work with you in any and every phase to ensure quality turf for your members.