Agronomic Analysis & Planning

An agronomic plan is important for budgeting, pest management, golf schedule, and overall goals for the golf course.  We tailor agronomic plans that meet your goals in aerification, pest and disease control, tree management, traffic management, mowing regimes, and target goals.  Growth management with plant growth regulators and fertilizer applications will also be discussed in detail.

Environmental Testing

Over application of fertilizers is just one of many things that are negative to grass and playability as well as to the environment. Whatever your reason, through independent soil and water testing, we can determine the condition of soil and water for your property so that you can make the necessary steps forward. We can aid in quality control for construction as well as environmental testing if there is a potential contaminate or vandalism. All of our samples are sent to Brookside Labs, which means the data is independent and free from potential manufacturer bias.

Conditioning & Playability

Golfers and members typically have questions about golf course maintenance and we can work together on how to address these concerns. Consulting services can be tailored to help golf courses communicate environmental concerns or other issues to golfers and members. Course Assessments and Reports–Staffing and Maintenance Levels–Facilities and Safety Assessment–Member Meetings and Presentations.

Independent Field Research

Agricultural companies typically supply turfgrass professionals with plant protection materials for pest control. As part of their research and development of new molecules, Turfgrass Disease Solutions conducts field research trials on a variety of Pests, Fertilizers, Wetting Agents and Biostimulants. These trials are conducted on our private facility or actual golf courses, giving you real-world results.

Tournament Preparation

Making sure your course peaks on the specific date of your tournament is crucial and possible. We will work with you to assess your needs and develop a plan to ensure your course's health and playability meet or exceed tournament requirements.


From constructing a new course to a total rebuild or a small renovation, Turfgrass Disease Solutions has been involved with hundreds of golf course projects. From drainage to grass selection we will partner with you to ensure your project is successful. We also work with you to do growing environment assessments, including shade and airflow, to make sure the performance of the grass is optimized at your location.