Turfgrass Disease Control with SDHI Fungicides

This 30-minute video course will cover:

  • Older and new fungicides for turf.
  • Uses and use rates for SDHI fungicides
  • Recognizing differences in fungicides based on names and diseases
  • Fungicide resistance and how best to manage it.

The video is followed by a 10 question, True or False quiz. 




Approved by the following States:

  • CT - 0.5 credit in 3A, and 3B
  • DEL - 1 credit in 03 Ornamental and Turf
  • MD - 1 credit in 3C
  • Mass - 0.5 credit in 37 Turf and CORE
  • NJ - 1 credit in 3B Turf, 8C Campground or PP2 Private Applicator
  • PA-1 credit in 07 Lawn and Turf 
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